Set for release in June, Unplugged will come with all the trappings of the four-player music game, although the gameplay is obviously quite different when modified for Sony’s handheld console. In the PSP version, all four musical parts are shown onscreen: You flip back and forth between them, playing everything at once.

How’s that possible? Each song is separated into short phrases of a few notes each. Nail a phrase perfectly, and that part of the song will start to play itself for a while so you can flip to the next part. The game shows you which part to jump to in order to keep your perfect combo score going.

Exclusive songs include:

  • 3 Doors Down — “Kryptonite”
  • AFI — “Miss Murder”
  • Alice in Chains — “Would?”
  • Audioslave — “Gasoline”
  • Black Tide — “Show Me the Way”
  • Blink-182 — “What’s My Age Again”
  • Freezepop — “Less Talk More Rokk”
  • Jackson 5 — “ABC”
  • Tenacious D — “Rock Your Socks”


Rock Band Unplugged for PSP lets you play drum, vocal, guitar and bass tracks for 40 different songs using the handheld console’s buttons.
Image courtesy Harmonix


Posted by: Chantal Biesheuvel