May 5th, 2009


As Twitter secures its place as “the next social network”, savvy marketers are weighing its merit as a marketing communication platform.  In the music space, the micro-messaging site may rival the promotional advantage of MySpace and Facebook, signaling the authoring of a slew of Twitter how-to’s and grassroots success stories.  Of the many that I’ve scanned – the vast majority I rejected for lack of foresight – Topspin Media published the most pertinent post of all

I suspect that Bob Baker is already working on a Twitter music marketing guide and Seth Godin will follow suit with a sequel to Tribes.  Perhaps Followers will become a buzz word like Chris Anderson’s Long-Tail.  Perhaps your degree of cool will be determined by the ratio of Followers to Following.  To me, Ashton Kutcher is just a punk.

While many marketers consider Twitter to be a goldmine, I’m still on the fence – and that shall be the title of my book… unless Twitter becomes big enough for Oprah, that is.



Posted by: Annechien Hardenberg