Trust indie labels to be imaginative and iconoclastic when it comes to marketing. US independent Honor Roll Music is venturing into the belly of the beast by running a month-long banner advert on IsoHunt, the BitTorrent site, on behalf of its act Awesome New Republic. “As far as we know, we are the first record label to advertise directly on a torrent search engine”, said the label’s Colin Foord, “We are sponsoring IsoHunt with a banner that links directly to our homepage where the album can be downloaded for free.”

Although there’s a tradition of PR-worthy deals between indies and filesharing services that goes back to 2001, when The Rosenbergs released a “Napster CD” (one disc for you and a Napster-sponsored second CD to share with a pal), the IsoHunt/Honor Roll deal leaves us quizzical. Is the label really paying the filesharing network to advertise an album which it is giving away for free?



Posted by: Annechien Hardenberg