eminem-punisher-marvel-comicTwitter is enabling pop stars and superstar DJs alike to be more generous. How so? Recently celebrity presenter Jonathan Ross met hip hop icon Eminem, who (we suspect with the full assistance of his record company Universal) arranged for Ross a pair of tickets to the Eminem album launch in Detroit, complete with flights and hotels.

Unfortunately Ross (or Wossy as he’s nicknamed on Twitter and in the tabloids) couldn’t make it, so he offered the tickets out to the Twittersphere. “I am going to set question in about 5 minutes”, wrote Ross, “First correct answer gets my plane tickets, my room at hotel in Detroit and invite to party!”

The question was “On which Marvel comic book cover did Eminem just appear?” It was a matter of nanoseconds before a Twitter user, @mattywlkr, answered “Punisher” and won the tickets. “If mattywlkr will DM me I’ll give him contact number and they can sort out details, replied Ross, “Have a great time buddy. Post some pics.” Matty was clearly elated, writing: “Thanks to everyone who has messaged me. Can”t believe I won either.”

The moral of this story? Encourage fans to sign up to and keep an eye on your Twitter feeds by using a promise of alluring surprise competitions. You can follow wossy’s twitter chatter about his Eminem experience here


Source:  http://musically.com/blog/2009/05/14/eminem-and-wossy-in-twitter-giveaway/

Posted by: Annechien Hardenberg