5310comeswithmusicNokia has announced Orange as a UK mobile operator partner for its Comes With Music Service; together the two companies will launch Comes With Music exclusively for Orange customers on the Nokia 5800 phone.

Orange will be the only UK network to offer the service, marketing it through five plans ranging from £25 a month for 200 minutes, 300 texts and unlimited music to £45 a month for 1200 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited music.

Nokia (which in a previous Music Ally blog article refused to confirm rumours that Comes With Music has picked up 23,000 UK users)  has arguably suffered through its association in the UK thus far with pay-as-you-go, so the ability for the service to be subsidised through a contract should raise Nokia’s game. Price-wise, however, it’s no iPhone killer: Over-the-air downloading of tracks will be possible, though only “at standard mobile data prices”, meaning no iPhone-like unlimited data tariff for now.


Nokia’s PR firm LexisPR contacted us this morning to ask that we clarify the statement that “Orange will be the only UK network to offer the service.” In fact Orange will be the only UK network to offer the 5800 phone, but Comes With Music will also be available to contract customers on 3’s UK network.

In fairness, Nokia’s own press release this morning stated “Starting at under £25 per month, Orange will be the only UK network to offer the service and will do so across five ‘Comes with Music’ price plans.” so we can be forgiven for being slightly confused. And ultimately it’s – in part – the small print and confusing messages which have helped to keep CWM handsets on the shelves so far.

One of the major advantages of the new partnership with Orange’s scale is that the pair of them should be able to double the marketing around Comes With Music and move away from the strange stripy line campaign. Now, how to explain the data tariff issues…


Source: http://musically.com/blog/2009/05/13/still-no-iphone-killer-as-nokia-upgrades-to-orange-contracts-with-comes-with-music-on-5800-phones/

Posted by: Annechien Hardenberg