May 18th, 2009

Twitpay, as the name suggests, is a service for sending payments via Twitter.  Twitpay makes a note of a “promise” to make payment (which can be cancelled at anytime) and allows the payer to settle the payment using Amazon Payments.  The honour system is in play here to a certain extent but, as a payment instruction on Twitter is as public as any other Twitter update, the payer will look like a schmuck (or Twit, if you’re British) to his followers if he doesn’t pay-up.

The company has leveraged Twitpay for a bare-bones retail and distribution system for content copyright holders (e.g. musicians and music promoters).  Using Retweet Commerce Suite (or RT2Buy), artists and their agents can upload and store their music on Twitpay and tell their followers about it.  Twitpay provides track samples, monitors “promises” to purchase, and delivers the content.  The promotion may look something like this:

Just finished a new track “Get Your Rocks Off” available now for only 99c RT2Buy



Posted by: Annechien Hardenberg