A mobile phone company holding a guerilla gig at a secret venue? Cor, nobody’s thought of that one before… Actually, that’s a bit unfair on Sony Ericsson, as there is at least an interesting twist to its upcoming Pitch Black gig in London with hot indie combo Friendly Fires.

Essentially, the 200-strong crowd will all be blindfolded, which apparently will give them “the chance to ”feel” the music and consider how each track affects them”. Now that’s a moshpit we don”t want to be anywhere near…

The band themselves will be playing with night-vision goggles too. Tickets will be given away on MySpace, as well as through contests on XFM and the NME. There’s some marvellous marketing bollocks in the press release too – apparently “by de-familiarising an experience we’re perhaps all too used to, it injects the necessary intrigue to make it fresh and exciting again”.


Source: http://musically.com/blog/2009/05/27/sony-ericsson-signs-up-friendly-fires-for-pitch-black-gig/

Posted by: Annechien Hardenberg