June 2nd, 2009

Fix Your Face

The marketing potential of Twitter and the feels-like-free music paradigm converge in a collaborative effort by Blink-182’s drummer, Travis Barker, and turntablist, DJ-AM, Techcrunch’s Robin Wauters posted yesterday.  “Fix Your Face Vol. 2 – Coachella ‘09″ is available for free download in exchange for a Twitter message.  Ah, but wait!  The transaction involves granting access to a third-party application via this website, allowing the app administrators to access and update your data on Twitter.  Okay, okay, this is still a good deal and an honest attempt at making music available without charging for it, although it’s more of a ‘barter’ than a ‘giveaway’ in my mind.  The almost daily emergence of new and creative methods to distribute music is testament to how difficult it has become to get music out there, let alone charge for it.  God forbid.

Source: http://www.wearelistening.org/blog/fix-your-face/

Posted by: Annechien Hardenberg